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About Us

 Career Highlights 

  • 8 WA State Appellate victories

  • Won't give up...survived 90 hearings in 1 medical case 

  • 4 victories in WA State Court of Appeals in 1 month

  • Managed $500 Million Dollar Contract

  • Won over 1000 cases

  • Strong Advocate for poor



  • Avvo Top Rated Lawyer 2019

  • WA Outstanding Buyer of Year nomination

  • Outstanding Employee of the Year nomination, WA State Attorney General’s Office 

  • Global Leading Lawyers’ Business Services Firm of the Year – USA 2018

  • Entertainment Lawyer of the Year – USA 2017

  • Outstanding Leadership Award (Top 16/5,000 at Washburn U.)

  • Outstanding Young Men of America (Top 2%)

  • Board of Directors, Int'l Center of Topeka

  • Outstanding Member of the Year (AKPsi)

Who We Are

Keith Armstrong


Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He attended Grambling State University then Oklahoma State University where he received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He received a law degree from Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas with an emphasis on international business law. Keith's international focus on international affairs led to a corporate board membership, International Center of Topeka where he hosted several foreign ambassadors from the U.S.S.R, France, Japan, Denmark, Hungary and South Africa.  Washburn Law School led Keith to an international summer program studying administrative law, the start of the European Union in London, England. 


After following the yellow-bricked road from Kansas, Keith moved to the Emerald City, Seattle in 1994 to become a Civil Rights Investigator for the WA State Human Rights Commission. One year later he was appointed a WA State Assistant Attorney General. As a state trial attorney, Keith represented large government agencies including the Department of Licensing, the Employment Security Department and the Department of Health in over 1000 superior court cases victories. He became adept at handling difficult cases in Superior Court, the Court of Appeals, and the WA Supreme Court.


Keith has extensive experience in employment law, business law, estate planning, veterans benefits and professional licensing standards. In 1996 he was invited to provide a lecture on criminal procedure and a legal analysis of the O.J. Simpson trial to law students Surugadai University Law School in Tokyo, Japan.


Today, he lives and works in Pierce County with his wife and firm Partner, Andreta. Keith is very active in the community advocating for and producing legal forums, small business development workshops, apprenticeships, workforce development issues, and resource aid for startups.  Let us be a Strong Advocate for you.  Protect What Matters.....your empire.


Andreta M.C. Armstrong


Andreta received her Juris Doctorate from Seattle University. She also has a Bachelor's degree for Mass Communications through the University of Washington and is a certified State Trainer and Mediator. She has extensive knowledge of the law, business and personal development. Although her accomplishments are what most consider extraordinary, she puts being a wife, daughter, sister, and aunt above all else. 


Andreta has performed over 750 hours of 1:1 success strategy sessions with a variety of clients including executives, students, and hourly workers. She was a former instructor at Pierce College, Evergreen State College, Antioch University, Heritage University, and Chapman University. She's become a motivational speaker known worldwide for her message that all possibilities exist each moment. Andreta has also published a book entitled, The Unlimited-Self Handbook: A Guide to Personal Empowerment.

Andreta's worldwide distribution of "Power & Possibility" has soothed the troubled minds acorss the globe by sending inspirational messages over smooth jazz melodies.  With spiritual wisdom of the ages, Andreta has coached countless individuals to "be all that you can be" in a stragetic achievable vision.