Experienced Washington Construction Lawyers Protect Clients’ Interests

Dedicated Pierce County firm handles issues arising from building and repair projects

Whether you are a contractor or you hired one, completing a construction project successfully is of the utmost importance. Even if you’re still in the contract negotiation process or engaged in a dispute about payment or performance, effective legal representation is critical. At Strong International Law Group, we advise clients in Washington and throughout the Pierce County area on a wide range of construction law issues. Our experienced attorneys understand what’s at stake when building and repair projects trigger legal concerns. You can rely on us to safeguard your interests whether you’re involved in a residential, commercial or developmental project.

Skillful attorneys assist with cases relating to construction contracts and liens

Many things can go wrong on a construction site and in the relationships between parties involved in a building or repair project. We use our detailed understanding of the special circumstances that affect these matters when assisting with legal tasks related to:                                                                   

  • Contracts — We help property owners, contractors and subcontractors anticipate potential problems that can occur during a project and work to negotiate contractual safeguards for any reasonable contingency. If a question exists regarding the interpretation of a provision within an existing agreement addressing construction, materials or something else, our firm delivers prompt, thorough advice so you can make an informed decision.
  • Liens — A construction, mechanic’s or contractor’s lien is a strong tool designed to ensure that those who do work on a project can get the payment they are owed. Whether you are looking to perfect a lien in order to secure funds or looking to release the infringement on your property because you believe no authentic debt exists, we handle the steps that must be taken.
  • Permitting and land use issues — Without proper authorization, a promising construction job could be stopped in its tracks. Regardless of the type of property involved, we counsel clients on permitting, zoning and land use issues so that they understand what must be done before making a major investment. From there, our lawyers advocate for the permits, approvals, revisions and variances needed to maximize the return you get from your project.

In construction, it’s important take care of legal concerns as soon as they appear to avoid larger problems. We are ready to deliver the advice and advocacy you deserve.

Effective construction litigators take on disputes related to projects

If you find yourself in a dispute associated with construction work, we’ll review the facts thoroughly and assess your legal rights and options. In litigation stemming from alleged contract breaches, poor construction, faulty materials and design defects, our firm presses for a favorable outcome. We realize the resources that go into building and repair projects and always keep clients informed regarding potential costs and methods of resolving conflicts outside of court.

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