Posted by Josh
November 25, 2019

Superior Knowledge & Service

I have personally and professionally be working with Keith for almost 10 years and have used him for primarily contract law and this review is way overdue. The level of care and attention he spends on each case or consultation is beyond what I ever expected. I always get glowing reviews when I refer him business and he makes me look very good. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an expert opinion on any contract or business dealing.

Posted by Marques
January 16, 2019

Lack of Response

Very disappointed in Mr Armstrong. I was attempting to contact him about a contract issue. When I called the very first time he hit the hang up button and requested that I send him a text. So, I sent him a text with requesting a contract lawyer w/ 2 follow up texts and I haven't received so much as a peep. How unprofessional of him..

Keith D. Armstrong’s response: “Sorry Marques for the delay. I have been hit with marketers from the internet with over 3 calls per hour since Christmas. I don't know who is calling while I am in court on the road. Since I don't know your number, I cannot determine if it is a real potential client or not. My return call opportunities have been limited. You have been treated like an internet marketer, sorry about that. Sorry I could not earn your business.”

Posted by Welch
August 1, 2018


Clear and easy to understand, knowledgeable about estate laws, personable, willing to answer questions and great presenter.

Posted by Theo
August 1, 2018

All I Can Say Is Excellence

He is the best and professional person you could have on your team. He has improved my legal division for my company and has help me out with countless contracts.

Posted by Valerie
August 1, 2018


I would highly recommend Keith Armstrong he was very knowledgeable professional and easy to talk to.. Keith is an honest caring individual and I feel very fortunate that I was able to have him for my representative. I am impressed with his work and would definitely refer potential clients to him.

Posted by Pamela
June 4, 2014

An outstanding attorney

I highly recommend Mr. Armstrong. He went out of his way to help us in our son's case and did an outstanding job. He is compassionate and thorough. We were pleased with his work in every aspect. It was such a relief to have the matter in his hands.

Posted by Jeff
May 27, 2014

Legal Opinion Letter

I needed a legal opinion stating whether or not a civilian employment position that I was seeking represented a conflict of interest with my previous military occupation. I selected this attorney based on my previous satisfactory legal business dealings with him, and also based on his legal expertise in the areas of government contracting and employment law. He thoroughly reviewed my previous military employment responsibilities, as well as those of the civilian position being pursued. He provided a well-written opinion of non-conflict that was clear and concise, with appropriate supporting statements where needed.

Posted by Agnes
May 23, 2014

A very happy, satisfied, and relieved client

Keith is a very knowledgeable, compassionate,responsive and reassuring lawyer. We had hired another lawyer to care of a child support case which was disastrous. There was no resolution and we had paid him a lot of money. Keith, took over the case and solved the problem. During the whole process he was reassuring and responsive to our needs. Great lawyer and a good caring person.

Posted by anonymous
May 22, 2014

Excellent Attorney

Keith worked with me to resolve a long- standing alimony issue (over 17 years). He was great at gathering the facts so that I could get the parties to come to a final payment agreement. It was great working with Keith. He was responsive, and thorough.

Posted by TIM
May 21, 2014


I needed some legal help on some business matter I was dealing with... so I called Mr. Armstrong. He was extremely professional. He was very knowledgeable. He kept me informed. Most of all, he got my legal issue handled very quickly.. I strongly recommend his services to all my friends, customers and relatives. And I will continue to use his services in the future. THANK YOU Mr. Armstrong. Sincerely,

Tim W

Posted by Jenny
May 20, 2014

Don't Stress Over Your Legal Problems, Stay Strong With Armstrong

I have known Mr. Armstrong for over twenty years now, so when the time came that I needed legal advice, he was the first one I turned to. He gave me expert advice on a small claims court case I was trying to handle myself regarding a pay-for-services rendered suit, where the quality did not meet my specifications. I returned the merchandise as instructed and had my business liability in order. I followed his instruction on how, what to say and what to do to the letter. And thanks to his right-on-point advice and his helping me understand the legal process, I successfully resolved my case.

Posted by Rebecca
June 10, 2012

Best Legal Advice Experience EVER...

We needed a lawyer to interperet a work contract my husband had signed. We've needed similar advise in the past, and have never come away knowin much more than we started because they always just told us what the contract said. Our experience with Keith was totally different...

Keith told us much more than what the contract said, he told us if it would or would not hold up in court and why. This is much more valuable to us because there were things defined in our contract that weren't fair or reasonable and we thought that because they were there and we had signed the document, they were binding. Keith explained, "2+2 doesn't equal can sign your name to that all day long, but a judge is going to say, '2+2=4' and throw the false stuff out."

It helped us know how to proceed with our employment elsewhere to be armed with what may actually unfold in trial if we were to be sued by our previous employer. I know in our case, the contract was cut and dry and Keith did not give us advice that was hopefully right...he did so with confidence.

We have already referred others to Keith and will use him again if we have any legal needs in our future.

Posted by J L
October 25, 2009

Five Star Review

Provided excellent advice; was well-informed & knowledgeable about subject matter

Posted by Erasmus Othieno
August 21, 2009

Busness dispute.

Very Good lawyer, a fine quick mind.

Posted by anonymous
August 10, 2009


I was faced with a recent family tragedy. Keith Armstrong supplied critical information to me which allowed me to resolve some of the issues that resulted from the tragedy. I love dealing with proactive professionals that are knowledgeable in their fields. Keith Armstrong is definitely one of those professionals.