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Need help getting the VA disability pay you deserve? See if we can help you.

OUR DUTY: Helping disabled veterans win maximum benefits for their total disability claim.

As a wounded warrior, you’re entitled to compensation for your service-connected disabilities. Working with a trusted veterans disability lawyer is your best chance for getting more benefits from the earliest effective date possible.

Have you been denied compensation by the VA for your claim? We can help you fight back.

Strong International Law Group is committed to helping wounded warriors like you.

Veterans disability law is we do. Strong International Law represents disabled veterans and their families in obtaining the maximum level of benefits in every possible way. We can work on all levels. For many years we have fought and won hundreds of claims for wounded warriors with physical and psychological disabilities.

And because we focus on VA disability cases, you get peace of mind in knowing we’re always up to date on the law and the everyday practice of the VA. To make our team even stronger, we have teamed up with the most respected and experienced organization in Washington State, the African American PTSD Association. Along with those game winning professionals, you are sure to have a strong team fighting for you at the Veterans Administration. With our litigation experience and our network of success, you will have a fighting chance at getting your benefits for you and your family.

We help Veterans. Benefit appeals are our specialty.  Let us fight for you to get the benefits you deserve.    We respect your service and sacrifice.  The process of obtaining disability compensation benefits through the VA is often times very frustratingly and complicated. Strong Int'l Law Group handles the complexities of the VA rating schedule for disabilities.

We pursue increases in VA rating percentages as well as appealing full and partial denials of compensation benefits. We represent Veterans before the Regional Office for Veterans Affairs, the Board of Veterans Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. 

Strong Int'l Law Group will serve you, as you've served our country, with knowledgeable and effective representation in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs. We listen to our Veteran explain how the military service may have caused medical conditions that are compensable by the VA. Additionally, we'll look into established case law to identify a nexus to military service that the Veteran may not know existed.

We cover:

  • Disability
  • VA Claims
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Personal Injury

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