International Law and our areas of focus

Practice areas:

  • International Trusts and Estate Planning
  • EB-5 VISA
  • Administrative Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Trusts & Estate
  • Commercial Transactions

Keith Armstrong is Managing Attorney of Strong International Law Group, LLC, a law firm specializing in small business development, contracts and estate planning. Strong International Law Group was founded in Seattle Washington and now serves domestic and international clientele in estate planning, business operations and real estate development. Mr. Armstrong attended Oklahoma State University achieving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After 9 years climbing the corporate ladder, Mr. Armstrong veered into the international arena by completing a Juris Doctorate at Washburn University Law School in Kansas specializing in corporate law and international business transactions. Mr. Armstrong represented several Seattle businesses in import and export business transactions.

To bolster his international focus, Mr. Armstrong continued in the study European Union’s methods for International Business at Brunel University of West London in the United Kingdom. Mr. Armstrong has been a guest lecturer in Japanese at Japan's newest law school, Surugadai University Law School just outside of Tokyo Japan teaching Criminal Procedure using the O.J. Simpson trial as his legal framework.

Mr. Armstrong brings a background of 25+ years of government law practice in State and Federal compliance. While he is trained as a Trial Attorney, the strengths Mr. Armstrong brings to the project is strong negotiations business skills and marketing expertise from a legal perspective.  Strong negotiation skills produced a 90% settlement ratio, while winning over 60% of cases that go to trial. With over 1000 cases under his belt, Mr. Armstrong brings legal strategies along with problem solving advice to any project. He is passionate about helping people solve business problems using the law, but his dedication is protecting and building enterprises, one case at a time. He will not quit until all avenues are exhausted.

One the highlights of Mr. Armstrong legal career was the production and facilitation of a Superpower Summit in Topeka, Kansas and one of the last superpower discussions regarding the SALT II treaty dealing with missile defense systems of the US-.S.S.R. What made this visit so newsworthy was the simultaneous international crises facing the Soviet Union, a military coop over Mikhail Gorbachev. Mr. Armstrong directed and secured international media coverage of the only available Russian Consulate Officer able to provide information to the world about the Soviet Union crises.