Well-Informed Washington Probate Lawyers Advise Personal Representatives

Experienced Spanaway attorneys assist clients throughout the estate administration process

While Washington State does not always require probate to settle a decedent’s estate, if you are a personal representative tasked with administering an estate through probate, the process can be time-consuming and complex. At Strong International Law Group in Spanaway, our attorneys provide guidance to personal representatives who are tasked with probating estates and assist them in completing the often confusing steps involved. We have over 27 years of combined legal experience, including in the realm of probate and estate administration. Our law firm is pleased to represent clients throughout Pierce County and nearby areas.

Filing the will with the state probate court

Whether or not an estate is going through the formal probate process in Washington, the decedent’s will must still be filed with the state probate court. Filing is typically required to take place within 40 days of death with the clerk’s office of the court in the county where the person resided when they died. Our probate lawyers can aid you in filing the will with the proper court.

Valuing, managing, preserving and liquidating the estate

As the personal representative, you are responsible for overseeing the distribution of the decedent’s estate. The basic steps involved include:

  • Identifying and valuing all estate assets
  • Paying all the debts owed by the decedent, including taxes
  • Contacting beneficiaries
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the will

You must also keep careful records of all the steps you take during the probate process. These include records that prove the valuation of property and assets, receipts for debts you paid, notes about your efforts to contact beneficiaries and records of assets that you distributed to heirs. We can help you develop the best strategy to fairly and expeditiously probate the estate.

Handling disputes that may arise over the will and other issues

Sometimes in spite of attempts to fairly probate estates, disputes may arise about how the estate is being administered, wills may be contested and other conflicts can occur between beneficiaries or other parties that can seriously disrupt the process. If this happens in your situation, our effective attorneys will work to resolve disputes as effectively and efficiently as possible. We understand the legalities involved in administering estates, as well as the emotions that can rise up during this sensitive time. 

Represented all phases and parties in probate administration: estate administrator, personal representative, spouse, children, parents, friends, lovers, heirs, relatives, creditors, estranged uncles, deposed aunts, crazy cousins, long lost children, left out heirs, we have represented them all . . . .we can understand your perspective

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